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The Muscle Power 50mm Hi Temp bumper plate is made of granulate rubber and is therefore indestructible and environmentally friendly. Granulate rubber is made from rubber that has been recycled from reduced particles. This makes the material much softer and has better damping and longer life. The weight plates are therefore very popular to use at Cross Fit. The weight plates also make less noise when they hit the ground and are less likely to cause damage to the floor. These weight plates are practically indestructible.

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Kenmerken:- Onverwoestbaar en milieuvriendelijk- Verkrijgbaar in: 5 kg / 10 kg / 15 kg / 20 kg en 25 kg- Olympische kleuren: 5kg: grijs, 10kg: groen, 15kg: geel, 20kg: blauw en 25kg: rood- Diameter: 450 mm- Opening: 50.4 mm- Buitenkant: granulaat rubber

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